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We are glad that you are considering to become a member of our church family!

The first steps you should take are to pray about it, and discuss it with your family and loved ones.



Come visit our church on Sunday Morning for

Sunday Morning Life Groups @9:30am

Worship Service @11:30am 

Children's Worship @11:30am

We hope you enjoy visiting our church, and making connections with those in our church family!



Consult with our Pastor, Dr. David Julen, about joining our church family.


Click the button below to send an email, or talk with him at the end of a Sunday Morning Service or during Church Office hours.



At the end of any Sunday Service, we have a time (during the Hymn of Commitment) for those who seek membership to inform and pray with our Pastor.

The Pastor will indicate your declaration for membership to the present congregation of members, and can call for a vote for your membership,

or ask to discuss the matter further. 

New Member Guide
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